Our expertise for industry

At a time when industry is having to reinvent itself to conquer new markets, cutting your energy consumption is essential to remain competitive. Every link in your production chain hides potential savings that CNSolutions will help you to utilise. Our offering – the fruit of the smart technologies developed by our engineers – enables you to optimise your energy efficiency using turnkey solutions, with a commitment based on results. CNSolutions enables you to control your processes, flows and consumption by providing integrated support both locally (single site) and globally (all your sites).


In order to manage your energy consumption, you first need to measure it.

CNSolutions offers tools developed on the basis of 20 years’ energy efficiency expertise to analyse the performance of your installations in real time. Our solutions interface with all types of system to meet your needs.


Your installations offer many opportunities for optimising your energy efficiency, most of which are not exploited.

Using our solutions, we can provide a real-time overview of your flows: this enables you to make the best decisions to improve your energy efficiency and industrial performance.


In addition to installation, we also offer monitoring and maintenance for our solutions.

We monitor and calculate your energy savings and provide long-term support to maintain this efficiency, identify further opportunities or set up an ISO 50001 management system.


Our energy efficiency improvements always have a positive impact on your performance.

We guarantee this and offer you a number of finance arrangements on this basis.